Why did the cellos play so badly?

Roger Nierenberg runs courses in which commercial executives sit inside an orchestra and learn about all the things that can possibly go wrong – in art, as in business.

It’s about making the right decisions, he says. Like the way Carlos Kleiber changed the way the Met orchestra played.

Roger demonstrates his method to Zsolt Bognar on Living the Classical Life.

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    • There was a story some years ago about an America orchestra – I had thought it was the Chicago, but it may have been the Met. The orchestra asked Carlos to give a more precise cue at a particular point. He declined saying that, if he did, they would all come in together, which he didn’t want. The orch is said to have been quite shocked.

  • Fascinating. The only issue I have with this series is the volume is always set so low and I can only increase it so much. I wonder if the techs/producers can set the volume to be higher?

    • Thanks so much for watching and for the feedback! I will pass it along to the producers and hopefully it will be improved. Very glad to hear from you.

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