Where’s Netrebko? Here she is…

Where’s Netrebko? Here she is…


norman lebrecht

June 02, 2017

We reported exclusively that Anna Netrebko has skipped her last Eugene Onegin in Paris to attend the inauguration of Valery Gergiev’s private concert hall on the outskirts of St Petersburg.

A Russian website, dp.ru, has a picture of Netrebko toasting her mentor at the opening.

Among other celebrities in attendance were the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, the former russian finance minister Alexei Kudrin (he’s chair of the Mariinsky board) and the conductor Mariss Jansons.



  • Sael says:

    Dear Norman,
    This picture of a toast illustrating the russian paper dates from 2008 !
    I mean it was quite easy to check with a brain still working as Netrebko has a blond hair now…

  • Sael says:

    Wow, great pic for this illustration of a toast at this opening indeed. We are happy to see that Netrebko has returned to black hair. Or not hahahahaaaaa. Maybe this picture dates from 2008.
    Bravo for your professionnalism.

  • bye bye says:

    If I paid 210 euros and she cancelled just because she found a better party to go to, I’d be pissed! No refunds! And no respect for the French from the the Russians (Putin and Netrebko).

  • vonessek says:

    Some would call this photo a “fake news”. And they would be right. This is not a recent photo. The above posted Netrebko photo is from 2 May 2008, Gergiev’s birthday in Moscow. It seems to me that fake news virus is spreading quickly.