The Times admits big error in very small print

The Times,a  Murdoch newspaper, has published the following notice today among Corrections and Clarifications at the foot of its letters page:

Opera Holland Park has asked us to clarify that, while it was previously part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s cultural portfolio, it has been a fully independent charity since October 2015 (News, June 19).

The paper yesterday published a two-page spread under the headline:

Council made fortune on social housing… and lost it on opera.

The article strongly implied that the poor were left to rot while the rich swilled champagne at Holland Park. That equation was wholly false. But being a Murdoch newspaper means never having to say you’re sorry.

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  • This is where regulation should be enforced. The retraction/apology should be given the exact same space as the original story. That would make these dreadful newspapers think twice.

  • Agreed! But doesn’t this show where standards are – or are NOT – today!
    Simply stop buying!

  • Let’s be fair – it’s not just Murdoch papers which do this; just that people like to call them out. Remember ‘phone hacking? Far, far more prevalent at the Mirror than Murdoch’s papers, yet everyone went after the ‘bogeyman’ instead.

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