Just in: Trifonov cancels all summer dates in Europe over US visa worries

Süddeutsche Zeitung reports that the Russian-born pianist is worried the US might withdraw his green card if he spends too long abroad.

In these Trumpian times, anything’s possible.

More here.

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  • “[…] the Russian-born pianist is worried the US might withdraw his green card if he spends too long abroad.”

    That’s not what the linked article states. The article states that in order to obtain a green card, he must be physically present in the US for a certain amount of time. It appears that if that minimum isn’t met, the application for a green card may be rejected.
    As far as I know that has been the case long before Trump came along and several countries have similar rules governing the granting of unrestricted entry and exit permits.

  • He should be OK as long as he doesn’t practice baseball with Republican Congressmen. And good luck with the coveted green card, it guarantees being hounded for life by the IRS on all non-US income. I suppose all he could do then is “Try phone off”.

  • I can’t translate the article and I don’t follow the logic based on the comments. If he has a green card all he needs to do to keep it is not spend more than a year at a time outside the USA. Presumably that’s not a problem. If he doesn’t have a green card, then first I’m curious about what his immigration status is. Second, he would not have to spend time in the US to get it. He would presumably get an E-1 immigrant visa, for alien of extraordinary merit, even if he had never set foot in the US. I assume his immigration lawyer knows something I don’t, but no idea what.

    As for Trump, lots of reasons not to like him; no need to falsely attribute something like this to him.

    • My recollection is that during the application period for a green card, that’s the time between the submission of the application and its approval, you’ve got to stay put. That applies even to “artists of special merit,” of whatever it’s called now. Colleagues of mine were unwilling to leave the country for even a day during this period. All this predates Trump by at least a decade.

    • Sorry, I don’t have time to translate the entire article but the bottom line in broader terms is:
      – Trifonov is in the midst of applying for a US green card, he does not have one yet.
      – Part of the requirements for the application to be approved is a certain (but in the article unspecified) amount of time, the applicant has to physically be in the US.
      – In order to fulfill this requirement, Trifonov has had to cancel concerts here in Europe. He had entered into the contracts for these concerts some 2 years ago, ostensibly unaware of the conflict in timing that would occur.
      The article also touches on the fact that concert organisers and promoters mostly prefer to keep cancellations close to the vest and delay announcing them as long as possible. Finally, the author briefly touches on the topic of who is insured for what in case of cancellation, and who, if anybody, may be held liable for moneys lost.

  • Norman, you’ve got BBC special prize for objectivity 😉 they hate Trump almost as much as you try to show it here 😉 When I don’t like someone I just stop thinking about that person, this way is more efficient and works 100% …. wish you every happiness 😉 … Trifonov was in St.Petersbourg recently with ( another point in your jabs collection) Gergiev, a success and happy. In his place I would rather go to Vienna or Paris – much more sense compared to always being in the States – Europe was, is and will be the centre of the world’s classical culture…. just my opinion, of course….

  • DG’s big yellow cartouche is not used on double albums. How ugly to have it floating with little wasted spaces left and right. Should use small one.

  • The US aithorities are very strict when it comes to Green Card applications. Evrn if all paperwork is correct, but not presented in the exactly prrscribrd order, the application will ve rejected. During tge tome between submitting the application and the receipt of the Green Card, the applicant must take care not to commit even the tiniest infraction if the law (no traffic citation!). I went through thus process im the early 2000s. Things get even morr strict once one files the applucation for citizenship: do not ever get a parking ticket, and always pay every single bill on time. This is, and has been, the case irrespective of who sirs in yhe Oval Office. The chances that Daniil Trifonov would perform in the White House are presently nil.

  • Wouldn’t it make more sense for him to move (back) to Europe, where he performs the most anyway?
    There is little incentive these days to be in the US, unless one is already stuck/home there.

  • With a green card, he can perform anywhere in the US without having to deal with visas. And New York is one of the world’s music capitals. Doesn’t mean he can’t also establish a residence in Monaco or Gstaad as a European base, and spend a lot of time there.

  • Couldn’t be happier that he choose to immigrate to USA! Big gain for U.S!!!!

    When applying green card, everything’s under the microscope. Travel is one of them. For example, any visit to countries that are on US’s esteemed ‘secret’ list may trigger a yellow or red flag for rejecting the application.

    If one has a green card already, US requires the holder to not staying overseas for a total of more than 180 days in any 1 year period (not by calendar year). The law allows the green card be revoked if that’s violated repeatedly – or may be denied re-entry even for one-time offender. Such extended overseas state may also be ground for rejecting citizenship application in the future too.

    Good luck Trifonov

  • There no requirements of time spent in the US for obtaining green card. So my guess is that he already has a green card (as stated in the post) and wants to keep it in order to apply for US citizenship when he becomes eligible. In order to do that after obligatory five years with green card, he needs to spend at least 30 months in US during these five years. He has been touring so much that apparently he has found himself close to not being able to fulfill this requirement and therefore has decided to severely limit his time abroad. This requirement by the way has absolutely nothing to do with the current president because these rules have been in force at least since Clinton administration if not earlier.

    • Technically, that’s true. But if you’re to be out of the country during the application period, there are forms to fill out, permissions to be granted, and a fee of more than 300 bucks to be paid. Screw up and you could be denied reentry, according to government information documents, although not in those words.

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