Mongolian and Scot share BBC Cardiff song prize

Mongolian and Scot share BBC Cardiff song prize


norman lebrecht

June 17, 2017

The Mongolian baritone Ariunbaatar Ganbaatar was named joint winner of the BBC Cardiff Singer of the World Song prize. He shares the prize with the Scottish mezzo-soprano Catriona Morison.

The defeated finalists were John Chest, Iurii Samoilov and Louise Alder.

Ariunbaatar Ganbaatar, a 2015 winner of the Tchaikovsky Competition grand prix, will compete again on Sunday in the Cardiff competition’s main final, as will Morison. Both are hot contenders.



  • AM says:

    Catriona will also compete in Sunday’s Main Prize Finale.

  • Joseph says:

    Yes iit is and he has addressed that !! Very poor

  • Alexander says:

    O’k, next time should go and listen to him ( all other times I deliberately skipped his performances), Kiri’s choice made me change my opinion 😉

    • David bamber says:

      And he did not say Catrion was in the final tonight , very poor observations and appears somewhat biased inevitably . Hope she wins and shocks everyone who is assuming the Kentucky Baritone will walk away with it …no snob like a music snob … thought she should have won her round over the Australian / Chinese tenor who to me was puddle deep.. all technique but nothing to say and very hammy, JUST MY OPINION !

      • Alexander says:

        …. actually I know one of the previous Cardiff winners, Ekaterina Scherbachenko ( Cardiff 2009). She is impeccable. Round, big and silvery full lyric of a beautiful catchy timbre . The most significant for me is that she is really good nature , absolutely no a bit of snobbery. If you have a possibility you can go to Lyon Opera this Fall, she will be performing Britten’s requiem. Hopefully Kiri still remembers her. She has 2 wonderful tomcats and a Yorkshire she-terrier, maybe she will take some of her fluffy kids with her 😉
        …just to keep our small talk ……

      • norman lebrecht says:

        We posted news of the winners as they reached us: the baritone first, followed by the mezzo.

        • Suzanne Fischer says:

          That’s unfortunate as during the announcement for the song prize winner it was ‘ladies first’.

          • David Bamber says:

            Absolutely AND she was in the final AND she won and I’m not even music critic. Having said whichever , ironically , her voice is not as ” finished” as most of the others but she produced moments of MAGIC in her piannissimo at the start of the Purcell and some utterly thrilling sounds elsewhere . The Americans are always very well prepared and choose COMPETITION material above everything , the little tenor over -reached in the Puccini and crashed . It was a DISASTER , he could not join the dots. The audience went NUTS when Kiri said ” …. from Scotland “I suspect you really had to be the n the hall to get the full impact of the performances .

  • A.Seyfang says:

    Disappointed that AustralianKang Wang won his Opera Round as all female were better and in my humble opinion either the Armenian,Anush or the lady from Uzbekistan,Barnokhon should have won for their drama & studious approach & technique singing much more taxing arias too

  • Gana says:

    Good luck Ariunbaatar Ganbaatar. Your voice is amazing.

  • Ogi says:


  • Enkhee says:

    Amazing talent and character. So proud of you.