A farewell to Lyon ends in dinner with Muti

A farewell to Lyon ends in dinner with Muti


norman lebrecht

June 22, 2017

Leonard Slatkin has conducted his final concerts as music director of the Orchestre National de Lyon (no connection to the city’s unhappy opera house).

On the farewell tour, he conducted the orchestra in Ravenna, Italy, where the town’s resident maestro kept him up at dinner past two in the morning…. as he does.

Here’s a happy pic of the Slatkins and the Mutis with a certain violinist squashed between.

Read Leonard’s full post here.

He has much to say about the recent Cliburn contest.


  • Richard Zencker says:

    He (Slatkin) mentions “Leah Auerbach,” does he perhaps mean Lera Auerbach?

  • leonard Slatkin says:

    Sorry for the misspelled name.

  • Cyril Blair says:

    Interesting – thanks for the link. Some jurors do not (or at least will not admit to) judge on the basis of a repertoire choice, so it’s nice to hear admissions of the opposite.

    It would have been great to hear Marc-Andre Hamelin play his Toccata at some point after the preliminary round, since he was so definitive that there weren’t many possible interpretations. Our curiosity is still unabated.

    As with any competition, there are expectations fulfilled, as well as harsh surprises, both happened here. Three of the competitors excited me and I hope to hear them play in the future.

  • Zarmo says:

    Which conductor in Lyon after Slatkin ?