Watch: There’s nowhere for Thibaudet to sit

Watch: There’s nowhere for Thibaudet to sit


norman lebrecht

May 16, 2017

Latest madcap video from one half of Igudesman-and-Joo:


  • Ungeheuer says:

    So in addition to colored socks this clown of a pianist, JYT, continues apace, I see. Is this what they mean by “attracting new audiences”? In other words, no class.

  • Not a fan says:

    I’ve heard both live. JIT has always been wonderful. I&J had some music arrangements that were interesting, but the *show* was low-brow, unfunny, and often vulgar.

  • Alexander says:

    speaking about creativity in music ( starting from singing and ending with “plain” music) it would be better to use this God’s gift to refine one’s performing skills and quality of a “final product” than to develop entertaining side of that. just my opinion, of course ….

  • Myrtar says:

    Maybe the Asian market will find this funny? I don’t see how the US/EU would pay to see any of this.

    • Myrtar says:

      I guess I was right, of the 4 comments on Youtube, 3 are by wobudong, Wei Xiong and 백설매

      I guess Asians like this crapola…

  • Michael says:

    Whatever, you all take yourselves a bit too seriously.

  • Robert Holmén says:

    That was a long 1:24.

    Several potentially amusing ideas that don’t quite rise to entertaining in this attempt.

    It’s hard to watch this stuff without thinking of how Victor Borge or Chico Marx would have been more able to get it over the goal line.

    But I guess they successfully selling tickets for this somewhere? Can’t argue with that.

  • Cyril Blair says:

    This one is better….Yuja Wang always enlivens things.