Did you miss the ping-pong concerto?

From the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra:

Who knew ping pong could also become rhythmic instruments? You won’t want to miss our “Ping Pong Diplomacy”, in which composer Andy Akiho features Ping Pong balls as the main “soloist” for the concerto. We will be doing two concerts on the piece, one for mature audiences as part of our Swire Denim, and another for kids as part of our Swire Sunday Family!

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  • Seem to recall British composer Joe Cutler featuring live table tennis players in a chamber piece in 2012.

  • STUPID. But I am sure another nameless Chinese composer would compose a grand symphony with 12 toilets and 24 toilet plungers to get his 5 minutes of fame. It will be called THE ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERTO.

    • Stupid indeed. Mr. Akiho is an American composer. Akiho is a Japanese name. Have you not seen a single Chinese name in your life?

  • Makes for a good visual spectacle, but the ping and pong sounds seem to be coming from the percussion section and largely covering whatever sounds the ball makes on the table. But a nice idea nevertheless.

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