Another man joins all-male conductors list

Owain Park, a British hopeful, signed this week to the Hazard Chase agency, which only represents male conductors. Look here.

In this day and age…

Here’s a rant on the subject.

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    • Bit odd that so many are men, though, wouldn’t you think? Equality isn’t ‘politically correct’ (and there’s a tiresome, thoughtless phrase, if ever there were one), unless you think women aren’t as capable of being good conductors, do you?

      • Will, it isn’t a question of capability to be a conductor. An agent is presented with a grouping of women and of men who -are- conductors. As a straightforward observation, and for whatever reasons, right now there are simply more male conductors than there are female conductors.
        Signing someone simply to add a gender to their roster would be patronising and demeaning to the person signed, which is not quite what we’d like to see achieved, I suggest.

  • However he signed with his vocal ensemble, the Gesualdo Six, not just as an independent conductor.

    Might be important to note that. Not that you thought it was relevant, I guess.

  • RE the YT video, I can only say that SD’s “rant” is another man’s or woman’s considered analysis and argument. Revealing difference, though.

  • Is it just me or do there seem to be more and more young conductors with very little real, accumulated experience coming out of the woodwork? The way things are going with orchestra closures and mergers there won’t be enough to go round for all the aspiring stick waggers.

  • What bullshit. I worked with a couple of feminine conductors. Like Alsop,Falletta,Mälkki and Ann Manson. They were all very mediocre at their best. All conducting with comical movements and a very peculiar technique. You should judge someone on his merits and not on her gender.

  • I disagree. No one conducts American music better than Marin Alsop, and Jo Ann Falletta’s revival of the Buffalo Philharmonic has made her a role model in this industry.

    • Don’t know anything about Faletta, but I do cherish Alsop’s recording of Rouse’s “Gorgon” from her Colorado days.
      No one better at American music, though…Tilson Thomas, Schwartz, Spano, and Robertson say, “AHEM.”

    • American music? Did we forget Bernstein for some reason, with all he did for American composers of his time?

  • Shame that this young conductors achievements are being over shadowed and used to fuel this debate. Maybe take it up with the agency instead of this young man. Congrats Owain!

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