Martha Argerich’s visit yields a $1 million government grant

Coincidence, or perfect timing?

It slipped out at the weekend that Martha Argerich was giving a discreet masterclass in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, a Canadian port village.

Hours before her arrival, the Nova Scotia government awarded a million dollars to the Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance for the restoration of its antiquated building.


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    • We at LAMP don’t even know whether or not it’s coincidence. LAMP’s connection with musicians of the stature of Argerich may well have contributed to the government’s decision. One would have to ask the responsible decision-makers.
      But the fact is, the grant was awarded well in advance of Martha’s arrival here, but announced the day after she arrived as part of the entire weekend programme.
      Not so unusual that a growing organisation promotes itself, no?

  • Excuse me, Mr. Lebrecht…the building is not “antiquated”. It is in need of insulation and restoration of the façade.

    Really……your words ring condescending.

  • And incidentally, the master class and concert were never a secret. So it couldn’t have “slipped out”.

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