Joan Baez calls it quits

Or so the versatile singer, 76, tells the San Francisco Chronicle.

Not sure if I believe it. At least, I hope it’s not so.

I once asked her about Handel oratorios, which she knew extensively from singing them in church as a girl.

I was all set to fix a meeting with classical record executives when … something else cropped up.

She’s a wonderful singer and I hope she soon repents of retirement talk.

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      • How long ago did you retire? I remember your “Shining with Wit” album very well and regret I didn’t keep it.

      • Somehow I have a feeling Ms. Baez will sleep well tonight, despite your nastiness. One of you will be remembered fondly for a very long time.

        • “One of you will be remembered fondly for a very long time.”


          Reminds me of a classic Henny Youngman putdown: He fancies himself a wit. He’s half right 🙂

    • Although we may not quite agree on our Politics, I agree with me in your ability to reach the heart, with Song. May you never completely Retire, until you cannot strum, or sing your song; and, may you be a Sister in Jesus, so, in Heaven, we can Harmonize, Eternity – Long.
      You are Blessed with Singing. May we both now, be Blessed with Winging, HOME, for Eternity, SOON, in the Rapture/Balloon. AMEN

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