Martha Argerich is playing in a Canadian port village

Martha Argerich is playing in a Canadian port village


norman lebrecht

April 01, 2017

The piano legend has only two North America dates scheduled this year.

One is next weekend at the Walt Disney Hall, Los Angeles.

The other is tomorrow in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, population 2,263.

She is giving a fund-raising masterclass for the village’s academy.


  • Olassus says:

    Martha, Martha, Martha. Finish your Beethoven concertos already!

  • Walter Delahunt says:

    Not quite accurate. The master class was not a fund raiser. There is a duo concert this afternoon, which is a fundraiser.

    The Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance – LAMP – is not the “village’s academy”. It is an international academy for advanced studies in music performance, located in a small town in eastern Canada.

  • Arthur Kaptainis says:

    Bear in mind that Lunenburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. British colonial town named after George II. Protestant settlers, fishing, shipbuilding…

  • John Weagle says:

    And what an evening it was, stellar performances by both Walter and Martha. Hats off.

    Mozart Sonata for two pianis D major K448
    Brahms Var. on a Theme by Haydn Op56b
    Shostakovich Concertino for two pianos
    Ravel Mother Goose
    Milhaud Scaramouche
    Tchaikowsky Dance Sugar Plum

    On 31 March the Nova Scotia Government woke up to LAMP’s world-wide significance with a grant of million dollars for the restoration of this grand old Victorian building.

    John, Halifax, Nova Scotia