Cleveland Orch gets new prez

Cleveland Orch gets new prez


norman lebrecht

March 06, 2017

Richard K. Smucker succeeds Dennis W. LaBarre today as Board President of the Cleveland Orchestra.

Smucker is Executive Chairman of The J.M. Smucker Company, an $8 billion food and beverage manufacturer and marketer of iconic North American brands including Smucker’s®, Jif®, Folgers®, Pillsbury®, Crisco®, and in pet food and pet snacks, Meow Mix®, Milk Bone®, Kibbles ’n Bits®, 9Lives®, and many more.


  • Geoff R says:

    Now my cat will get double portions of Meiou Mix every day

  • NYMike says:

    If it’s the Cleveland Orchestra, it’s got to be good…….

  • Theodore McGuiver says:

    Shouldn’t the words ‘food’ and ‘beverage’ be in inverted commas?

  • V.Lind says:

    Hope his taste is better than that reflected in his APPALLING marmalade (and substandard jams). They have massive shelf space in all my supermarkets, reducing the space for real marmalade. We discovered the mother lode in a high end food store a few years back but since it has closed its doors it is distinctly hard to acquire.

  • Patrick says:

    Hopefully he’ll keep them out of a financial jam….

    • Geoff R says:

      Good one.
      My cat loves Smuckers but the family does not, their jams and their marmalade Suck. Smuckers is good for felines only.
      Stick with Scottish marmalade.
      Good orchestra tho’.