Vancouver names Dutch music director

Bramwell Tovey is moving up to emeritus in 2018 after a transformatory 18 years.

His successor will be Otto Tausk, a Dutchman presently engaged at St Gallen in Switzerland.

They seem happy.



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  • Fantastic choice for them. A shame the Bavarian Opera didn’t sign him. His work in St. Gallen, in the concert hall and theatre, was some of the best I was able to witness in the past decade in Europe.

  • Very good choice. And credit to the administration that they didn’t simply “go for youth” as another Canadian orchestra recently did with Prior…

  • I betcha $1000 you can credit the musicians, not administrations of Canadian orchestras, for the choice of music directors.

    I’ll betcha another $1000 that the age of the candidate doesn’t appear on musicians surveys when they make their choice.

    You’re a real genius, Adam M.,

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