Barenboim cellist wins Bernstein prize

The Austrian cellist Kian Soltani, 24, has been named winner of the Leonard Bernstein Award of the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festivals.

A former member of Barenboim’s WestEastern Diwan Orchestra, Kian has received a bursary for the past two years from the Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation.

The Bernstein Prize is worth 10,000 Euros.

photo: Juventino Mateo)

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  • An excellent and deserving young artist. Heard him in Lucerne with Barenboim in Beethoven’s Triple Concerto a couple of years ago. Congratulations to him.

  • I enjoyed a Mendelssohn piano trio he did in LA back in 2009 with Catharina Chen and Mariangela Vacatello, audience favorite at that year’s Cliburn. Memorable ensemble playing. Glad to see he is doing well.

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