Just in: Martha Argerich is shut out of Ravel museum

Just in: Martha Argerich is shut out of Ravel museum


norman lebrecht

February 05, 2017

Le Figaro reports that the pianist and her ex-husband Charles Dutoit were refused entry to the composer’s museum, which is at the centre of a testamentary dispute.

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  • Alexander says:

    France seems to lose its status as a European cultural center … quel dommage

  • Pierre says:

    Nothing particularly strange about this “scandal”. This is just “business as usual” in France. Those given authority or power in France are never given authority or power because they are competent, but more often than not, because they have the right connections, or are member of some secret society that gives them access or entitlement to such a position. Competence, interest in the subject, knowledge or even a simple curiosity for the subject are not even thought of as prerequisites. It is always a question of entitlement. If I belong to this or that party, or this or that secret society, therefore I have a right, I am entitled to be the director of this or that museum, or this or that municipality, even if I have absolutely no or little qualification or even the most basic interest. Sadly, in this case, Ravel’s Museum is at the centre of this unfortunate, but very typical ridiculous French “scandal”. The fact that Martha Argerich and Charles Dutoit were evicted, probably with incredible rudeness and lack of any knowledge nor interest in who they are, is also typical. The best thing is to never take French officialdom very seriously and to never expect competence at any level of public administration. It is not by accident that France is in the dire situation that it is. Tragically, it won’t change in the short-term, as the society is clearly divided among those who have entitlement and those who don’t. The former will not give up their entitlement to the latter without a total revolution. That’s why France is a rather hopeless case and not to be taken very seriously.

  • Alain Lompech says:

    Mesqage de Martha Argerich reçu sur mon What’s App :

    Bonjour Alain , Oui, nous étions avec Charly Dutoit et il y a eu des histoires un peu drôles avec la police, mais on n’a pas été viré!!

  • Zoltan says:

    I have seen others be treated and have been treated myself far worse in France, FOR DOING NOTHING except showing an interest in something in a museum, in a chateau, or on a building! The lack of proper manners and basic education in France is shocking to say the least. The French are, for the most part, amongst the rudest and most unwelcoming people in the world. Their reputation is we’ll deserved:




  • Alain Lompech says:

    Voici le message reçu ce matin de Martha Argerich :

    Bonjour Alain , Oui, nous étions avec Charly Dutoit et il y a eu des histoires un peu drôles avec la police, mais on n’a pas été viré!!

  • Mathieu van Rijswick says:

    As I read the Figaro story, Argerich & friends were not refused entry but expulsed after taking photos inside the musuem (which is apparently not allowed, but was not obviously signed). The museum staff is under stress from missing objects and document.

    Such details matter before blaming a museum in a small municipality (population 3000) and taking this as evidence of the poor state of France Culture is rather grotesque.

  • Jaybuyer says:

    You couldn’t make it up.

    • MWnyc says:

      Except that they did make it up. The message from Argerich herself that Alain Lompech has shared says there were some slightly amusing incidents (literally, “stories”) with the police but they were not thrown out.