The accompanist’s revenge

The accompanist’s revenge


norman lebrecht

February 05, 2017

The incomparable Victor Borge.

Who’s the singer?


  • Alexander says:

    I don’t know the lady in this clip.
    All I can say – I saw this video on FB personal accounts of some very famous sopranos ( of today’s top 20, or so) – it has become viral ( and you, Brutus (deleted) Norman 😉

  • Steven Hill says:

    Marilyn Mulvey

  • Bruce says:

    I had not seen this one before – thank you!

    (And — unsurprisingly — he’s actually a rather sensitive accompanist, in the moments when neither of them are screwing around)

  • will says:

    Victor Borge although a wonderful comedian was a HORRIBLE man to his various ‘pick-up’ orchestras that he used/ hired in his long career. He was over-critical to the orchestral players, ‘picking on them,’ and generally treating them as if they were ‘beyond contempt’.
    If he had been willing to PAY a bit more money he could have hired, in the UK, for his ‘show’, e.g. the RPO or the ECO, two outfits that were, at the peak of Borge’s career, rather desperate for some work.
    He would have had some sort of unity and ‘togetherness’ from those orchestras, instead of the sort of scrappiness that he got from hiring e.g. a totally freelance ‘telephone band’ , or the awful ‘Wren Orchestra’ (now fortunately ‘defunct’).

  • Suzanne Niemann says:

    The singer is Marilyn Mulvey.

  • Jim Black says:

    What happened to the lovely Marilyn Mulvey? A search on the internet only brings up her videos with Victor Borge, can’t find her biography.

    • miki berger says:

      Yes,Neither I can find anything about this wonderful lady singer-anyone knows what happened to her-where she is ,any performances of her other then with my favorite pianist,Vic tor Borge

    • Dave Warner says:

      She is the cantor of the St. Mary’s Church in Milford CT.
      Her is the bio from their website:

      MARYLYN MULVEY (Picture on the site)
      A native of Connecticut, Marylyn Mulvey was first place winner of the Metropolitan Opera National Finals. Her appearances with Victor Borge on stage and television have made her internationally known. She has appeared with most of the major symphony orchestras in the United States, Canada, and Europe; including the London Philharmonic, Royal Copenhagen, Winnepeg, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Cleveland Symphonies. Her operatic repertoire includes Gilda (Rigoletto), Lucia (Lucia di Lammermoor), Rosina (Il Barbiere di Sivilglia), Baby Doe (The Ballad of Baby Doe), and Adele (Die Fledermaus), singing with the New York City Opera, Philadelphia Lyric Opera Company, and Metropolitan Opera National Company, among others. Marylyn serves as Cantor and Soloist for the Saturday 4:30, Sunday 10:00 and 11:30 AM Masses, in addition to Holy Days and concerts throughout the year.

  • Mark says:

    I saw a scant reference that she had sung with the New York City Opera. But that’s it.

  • eugene emahiser says:

    A musicologist, I place MM in the level of Renata Tebaldi. If MM decided to marry, withdraw from the rapid and sometimes unforgiving lifestyle of the diva, don’t blame her…. take a look in Italy… where coloraturas are and have been “purchased” and shut down from public performances by the very, very wealthy men. Disgusting, but life is a series of decisions. I love her handling of the high range, she is spectacular, to say the least… Another voice lost… Sandy Patty… see her perform the Stars Spangled Banner, and be prepared to emotively respond. She is yet another silky smooth star flyer, for sure!

    Dr. E

  • John Monaghan says:

    Marilyn Mulvey is a seriously good singer, the comedy fades, but the voice is one of the best ever.
    Are there any decent recordings of her singing?

  • Marylyn Mulvey says:

    Thank you all for your wonderful thoughts/comments. I am still singing, happy, healthy.
    M-a-r-y-l-y-n Mulvey

    • Warren Bank says:

      Ms Mulvey -you are absolutely superb. Would so love to have heard more from you -but these Victor Borge videos are a treasure. Brava!!!

    • Paul Schroeder says:

      So glad to know you are well. Thank you so much for the laughs and for your wonderful voice.

    • Georgia says:

      What a beautiful voice you have and outstanding, sensitive command of the higher range. I echo the other comments, we would love to hear more of you, especially recordings that can be enjoyed again and again. All the best to you, and thank you for sharing your gift of singing – so extraordinary. Beautiful. God bless.

    • p g tolman says:

      WOW!!! and may the Lord keep you happy and healthy. a blast from the past.

    • Paul Michelet says:

      In my view you should have been a bigger star than Victor. Your voice is fantastic. Top class ! God bless your health and happiness for ever !

    • Anne Maurer says:

      Hi Marilyn, I remember you from a long time ago at Briarcliff College. We were both in Mr. Widdis’s opera class. I was an art major then and am still painting.
      Glad to hear you are doing well and still singing.
      My maiden name was Anne Outhwaite, my married name is Anne Maurer.

    • Cathy Collins says:

      I just watched you on Facebook with Victor Borge. My first thought was that my mother would have loved your voice. It was she who gave me my love of opera. So glad you are still singing and in good health. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift.

    • Christine Clark Brunner says:

      Odd that I came across this tonight. I remember you from St. Margaret’s. And your singing in St. John’s at the Christmas Pageant.

    • Watching you perform the aria from Rigoletto with Victor Borge, I wished that we’d been able to watch you sing it solo. I was moved to tears. A spiritual dimension, for sure. Thank you.

  • Thank you all for sharing such kind, heartfelt words and thoughts….always happy to receive them….no matter my age…. : )

    • Brett Holland says:

      I’m so thrilled to read your comment and hear that you are happy and healthy. You’ve inspired so many and brought so much joy! Long may your good health this continue; and, if there are any more recordings of your glorious coloratura I’m sure the world would love to hear them. Thank you from Brisbane Australia!