Eurovision in peril as Ukraine sacks TV team

Kiev is due to host the 2017 Eurovision Song contest.

Or not, as the case may be.

When the most absurd of media events meets the most corrupt of regimes, anything can happen.

The BBC reports that Ukraine has no-one in place at the moment to manage the event.

Russia is rubbing its hands.

(Ukraine won the last contest with an overtly political song.)

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  • Who actually cares ? There is a neologism about Ukraine – “Ruin” ( these words are rhymed with each other in Ukrainian ) , some, who live there ( they say more than a half of population) take “Ruin” as a synonym for today’s Ukraine.

  • Forgive me, Norman, but who do you refer as “most corrupt of regimes” to? This echoes the sentiment one can hear on russia today…please don’t forget that Ukrainian government is fighting a war with the Russian army that occupied some parts of the eastern Ukraine.. it takes energy, time and money to protect the country, so please give them time to figure out the Eurovision contest. There are priorities…must admit your comment about the “regime” is very offensive and does not represent accurate assessment of the current political situation in Ukraine.
    Thanks for reading my remarks!

  • It’s so sad seeing Ukraine have become a useful idiot for US intelligence and Soros foundations’ interest. The rest is history. Divide et impera. “Well done” NATO acolytes.
    You made your bed, now sleep in it.

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