‘A little bit of heaven that we try to create every day’

Decca has pulled together choristers from more than 50 cathedrals into the world’s first sacramental supergrouop.



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    • the video works for me.. but anyway, all you’re missing is nearly 2 minutes of talking about the recordings, and about 20 seconds of two chords sung by the chorus.

      • And the absolutely thrilled expressions of excitement & joy on the faces of the young choristers. What a delight to see that kind of enthusiasm in these days…

  • Rather than the pulpit, this looks like the cesspit. Blah blah from Decca, again. Same old same old. PR and flashy smiles. Musical integrity? Everyone thought the mighty Decca (or London Records as we called it in the USA) of the 1950s-1990s had fallen from grace. Looks like it has fallen even further than that. Under its current leadership, it’s going nowhere. Decca used to be admired here, in the USA, as one of the great classical labels.

  • This is very exciting for the kids. There’s no question that their directors work to achieve a very high level of musicianship. Is it worth recording. You bet! Is it worthy of a Decca recording? Hmm….

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