Brass world gears up to save young trombonist’s life

Brass world gears up to save young trombonist’s life


norman lebrecht

February 20, 2017

Stephen Sykes, 26, from Shepton Mallet in Somerset, is dying from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He needs a stem-cell transplant to save his life.

He’s appealing online for donors. Brass players throughout the country are taking a swab to see if they might be a match.

Can you help?

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  • John Sullivan says:

    I searched FB for “Stephen’s Journey”, but there are several and I didn’t see the relevant one.

    Also, what are the criteria for being a possible donor?

  • Jo Sykes says:

    Hi John
    Here is the link directly to Stephen’s Journey :-

    The criteria for dkms stem cell register can be found here :-

    • Gerhard says:

      You seem to be knowledgeable in these matters. My stem cell data have been filed in Germany already about two decades ago. Do you have any idea whether I can trust that they will be considered internationally as well?

      • Jo Sykes says:

        Hi Gerhard
        Im certain that the search for potential donors is worldwide – they will be searching across all stem cell registers to find the best match for Stephen, they will want the closest they can find to avoid other potential problems.
        Thank you for asking though – please encourage others where possible, to register.