Just when you thought the Toronto divorce couldn’t get worse…

Jeff Melanson, ex-president of the Toronto Symphony is demanding that his other ex, singer-heiress Eleanor McCain, pay the entire costs of their separation.

Read all about it here (half of Canada is relishing it).

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  • I seriously doubt “half Canada” is aware of it, let alone relishing it. To the great distress of its proprietors, nowhere near half Canada reads the National Post, and a quick google search did not show any coverage of this ongoing soap opera in a niche field from papers in Edmonton or B.C. or Halifax or Quebec — or even New Brunswick.

    This is a Toronto elite story. I doubt half Toronto knows about it.

    • Postmedia had it in my print copy of the Ottawa Citizen, but online it was only available on the NP page. Different images in different editions. Text all the same. A real Mailonline event for sure, just love reading about millions being given and taken, so far from reality it goes well with my morning coffee.

  • It may be a Toronto elite story, but the broader arts community across the country is gobbling this up. Nothing like a good dose of schadenfreude to get you through the cold winter months!

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