China tightens its ban on South Korea soloists

We hear that the Paris based pianist Kun-Woo Paik has been forced to cancel a trip to China after being refused a visa.

He will be replaced at the Guiyang Symphony’s March 18 concert by the Chinese pianist Sa Chen.

The cancellation is significant. In September 2000, Kun Woo Paik was the first South Korean artist to be invited to perform in China.

Amid rising regional tensions, Beijing has banned all South Korean performers since November 2016.

UPDATE: The soprano Sumi Jo has been refused entry for a March concert in Xian.

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  • Paik Kun Woo is a truly remarkable pianist of the highest calibre.
    This nonsense is a loss for the Chinese that will not get to hear this musician perform, due to their government’s petty concerns.

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