Detroit Symphony pay hits $96,000

Detroit Symphony pay hits $96,000


norman lebrecht

January 11, 2017

Detroit’s musicians have agreed a new deal eight months ahead of target. It looks good on both sides:

Musicians’ base pay will rise over four years from $91,259 now to $96,096 in 2020.

They will also get an extra payment so they don’t have to sign on for the dole during 10 nonperformance weeks.

In return, the musicians will play 38 weeks, up from from 36, and will share any rise in health-insurance premiums.

The DSO will continue to employ 87 musicians, down from 96 in 2011.

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  • Alvaro says:

    Thats like 3X – at least – over the poverty line, and in a City like Detroit, the PPP (not like you know what this is) would amount to amost $150-160K.

    But yeah….those poor musicians…