Breaking: Danish musicians take 10 percent pay cut

Breaking: Danish musicians take 10 percent pay cut


norman lebrecht

January 11, 2017

Musicians of the Royal Danish Orchestra in Copenhagen have volunteered to cut their wages by ten percent in order to save the threatened jobs of several colleagues.

The opera house’s artistic director Sven Müller resigned last week over budget cuts.


  • John Borstlap says:

    A great scandal. Denmark is rich enough to support their Royal orchestra… the authorities responsible should dig a big hole in their garden and put their head into it of shame.

    • Novagerio says:

      It’s a complete disgrace. The Royal Danish Orchestra (Det Kongelige Kapel) was founded in 1448 and has seen absolutely all the greatest conductors throughout history on their rostrum.

      This happens only in a small country where the politicians are headhunted by Lobbies and through the outmost dubious forms of nepotism. Culture? For most european politicians is about the Eurovision Song Contest. Anything nobler than trash that appeals only to idiots is considered highbrowed snobbsim. Sigh sigh sigh…

  • Peter says:

    Denmark is a victim of decades of relativist anti-elitist cultural policies.
    Your child can hit a triangle twice? Hurrah!!!
    As valuable as the child that practices violin for 10 years since age 5 and plays Mozart A-major concerto now.
    And you 12 year old piano genius, playing Chopin Etude op. 10 Nr. 1, yes you, don’t think that you are anything better than the kid next to you that can hit a snare drum twice right in the middle.
    That grave of cultural relativism has been shoveled in Denmark for a long time, now the Danes are waking up in it and the shovels of dirt are falling in their face.
    But there is still hope they will not be buried alive.