When the Red Army Choir became a Metro flashmob

When the Red Army Choir became a Metro flashmob


norman lebrecht

December 27, 2016

Many of those who took part in this 2013 video died in the hideous Black Sea air crash on Christmas Day.

May their souls find eternal rest.



  • Observer says:

    I believe at 1:09 we see the Soloist Vadim Ananyev, who was one of 2 choir members who at the last minute didn’t board the flight. Vadim’s wife had just given birth and he stayed home to help her.

    Another member discovered his passport was out of date & wasn’t allowed to board.


  • Sue says:

    I guess that by now the Russians would know how we feel when they via their ‘rebels’ in the Ukraine shoot down a commercial jetliner which flies over that country and kills over 200 – many of them Australian citizens. On that plane was one South Australian family with grandfather and two children. Shattered lives through vicious military aggression.

    • Peter Phillips says:

      All loss of life through military and political aggression is cruel and pointless, and to be deplored and mourned, whoever perpetrates it. But I think you might find, Sue, that a sense of devastating loss is still deeply embedded in the Russian psyche as a result both of WW2, or the Great Patriotic War as they call it, and the murderous policies of former rulers directed at their own people. To recognise this does not condone or excuse anything.

      • Maria says:

        Excellent response, Mr Phillips.

      • Sue says:

        I think you totally side-stepped my point that it was Russia who was responsible for shooting down that aircraft, which is a whole world away from an accident. I’m yet to hear either an acknowledgement or an apology for those 200 plus lives.

        Nice try though.

  • Gaffney Feskoe says:

    More terrible news for the world of music as 2016 draws to a close.

  • anon says:

    I’m pretty sure this is the other Red Army Choir– the MVD ensemble, not the Alexandrov ensemble, which was the one in the crash.