Valery Gergiev to conduct Verdi’s Requiem for victims of the Black Sea crash

Valery Gergiev to conduct Verdi’s Requiem for victims of the Black Sea crash


norman lebrecht

December 27, 2016

It has been announced in Moscow that the Mariinsky conductor will lead an extraordinary concert on December 29 in memory of those who died in the Tupolev crash on Christmas Day.

Among the 62 Red Army ensemble members who lost their lives were, a spokesman, said ‘colleagues and friends who were associated with creative projects of Valery Gergiev, the Mariinsky Theatre and the Moscow Easter Festival.’



  • Meal says:

    Interestingly, the announcement has just only made on the webpage of the Mariinsky (at least so far: Gergiev and the Mariinsky have been scheduled to play at the Bolshoi anyhow. However, under the title “Festival of arts (Russian winter)” the audience traditionally expects some typical Russian music (as usual for a concert at New Year or New Year’s Eve). Although the program is not going public for those concerts in advance, the audience might be surprised to listen to an Italian requiem. Although I fully understand the change of program, I think it would be fair to disclose that to the Moscow audience in advance.

  • Olassus says:

    He’s hopeless with this score. Why not ask someone who understands Verdi? Or better yet, choose a mourning piece from Russian rep?

    • Jaybuyer says:

      How about Rachmaninov Vespers? – at least it’s quiet, and Russian rather than Roman Catholic/Latin. OK, no chance to show off the orchestra….

      • Meal says:

        I think Verdi’s requiem is a good choice. I am not in the position to judge on Gergievs qualification to conduct Verdi. However, your comment on Rachmaninov brought his “The Bells” to my mind. Although not a requiem it may be a suitable choice, too. The first three movements are – so to say – on life, whereas the fourth movement is a very touching piece on death and sorrow. The first time I heard it live I felt that I wished this to be played at my funeral.

    • Ungeheuer says:

      Since Bocelli appears to be free, VG could perhaps invite him to sing the crooner (er, tenor) part. They microphoned it together for Philips, after all.

    • John says:

      Maybe you should volunteer to step in.

  • Gabriele Weissmann says:

    Verdi’s Requiem is such an incredibly great piece of music, it must move every person brought up in the European music tradition. And many Russians do have an ear for classical music, or other music of some quality. This Requiem is fiiting for the terrible tragedy which just happened, be theyRussians or other

    maybe more than many in Western Europe. I believe it is a good choice.

  • Robert Holmén says:

    I’m surprised there isn’t a more fitting Russian piece to he found.