Man bites dog, punches concertgoer in the face

Only the second half of the headline is true, but it is every bit as uncommon as the first.

The case is being heard today in a Baden-Baden court of a man who punched a concertgoer in the face.

Details are skimpy, but it is reported that a ticket holder at the Festpielhaus rose during the encores and began clapping rhythmically. The man behind him asked him to sit down.

Words were exchanged, then blows. The man behind took one in the face.

Be careful out there.


fight orchestra

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  • ‘concertmaster’ would be ‘Konzertmeister’ in German.

    the linked article simply is reporting fisticuffs between two members of the audience (‘Konzertbesucher’ is more or less synonymous with ‘Zuschauer’).

    Not so uncommon, then …

  • Coughing and cell phones in Mahler’s 9th can also provoke this kind of response, at least in the enraged imagination.

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