Laura Bretan lets rip in the Pantheon

The unsuccessful America’s Got Talent finalist is in Rome this week.

A capella.

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  • I saw Laura perform on “America’s Got Talent” and I could not believe my ears. This young lady is going straight to the top in the music world. I tear up at the sound of her voice. Thank you Laura for sharing your voice to us.

  • Only just seen your song, “The Prayer” on youtube. From an elderly grand father in the UK, you are so amazing. Brought tears to me eyes. Good fortune. Please bring out a digital version of this song.

  • i have watched laura again and again cannot wait for her to record a disc a fantastic voice thanks to the parents for giving the world a talented lady

  • Laura got robbed by the public. I believe many people that voted in the finals made their choice not on talent but on cuteness. But no matter, she will make millions. I too am awaiting for her to make recordings.

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