Baritone sings two Figaros in a day

The Greek baritone Aris Argiris found himself yesterday singing back-to-back performances of Rossini’s Barber of Seville at the Semper Oper in Dresden.

Eight hours of performance, noon to 10 pm with a mid-afternoon break.


Can anyone beat that?

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  • I remember two “Magic Flutes” with identical casts on one and the same day at the Vienna State Opera many years ago. The only singers I remember were Lucia Popp as the Queen of the Night and Fritz Wunderlich as Tamino.

  • In 2005 I sang de Guiche in ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’ in the afternoon broadcast from the Met, and then Germont in ‘Traviata’ that evening in the same theatre. In 1997 I’d done the same sort of thing at the Met, singing Marcello in the afternoon and then Silvio in the evening.

  • Maybe it was very slow but Rossini’s Barber lasts three hours maximum… Usually about two hours and forty minutes. Still a hard day!

  • At the premiere of La Fidelta Premiata (Haydn), Prinz Esterhazy and his guests demanded an immediate encore of the entire opera. I bet the musicians were chuffed…

  • The Royal Opera was doing OTELLO at the Albert Hall in, I think, 1997. There were supposed to be two tenors sharing the performances but Giacomini (if I remember correctly) cancelled and Vladimir Bogachov sang seven consecutive performances (including a General Rehearsal) in eight days. Fairly remarkable for any role, but particularly for Otello. Extraordinary Russian vocal cords!

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