Jackie’s bow is on the block

Jackie’s bow is on the block


norman lebrecht

October 05, 2016

They are selling the cello bow once used by Jacqueline du Pre.

Price estimate: £20-30,000.

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  • Andrew Condon says:

    Interested to see she lived at the time in Pilgrim’s Lane, Hampstead. For many years Michael Foot (author, scholar, journalist and long-time Labour MP) lived at the other end of the street in number 66. Wonder if they ever met?

  • Milka says:

    Her name is worth 20,000??????
    One would have to be a lunatic to pay such a high price for a bow.

  • Lydia Wahlberg says:

    Who is selling it?

    • Steven Holloway says:

      Ah, that’s exactly what I’m wondering. I continue to think that the book Hilary and Jackie, written by Hilary and Piers du Pre, Jackie’s sister and brother, the most vile and self-serving book I’ve read. But they got a motion picture contract out of that thing. I most sincerely hope they are not the consignors of this bow, trying to make another 30k out of Jackie.

  • Trismegistos says:

    If you are not a string player, you have no idea what a difference a really good bow makes !

  • Bviolinistic says:

    James Tubbs made some very good bows but none are worth that much money. Anything over £6000 is pushing it in my opinion

  • Jaime Weisenblum says:

    The only reality about rare or older bows and string instruments = supply and demand.
    An excellent bow will act as 70 to 80% of the sound produced,pallete of colors, subtle musical nuances and it will provide a most individual artistic “DNA” to any decent musician (younger or older,professional or amateur).
    The fact remains that the rarer the bow,the costlier it will be to purchase one.
    That is THE only reality about this subject,and Milka as usual does not have the slightest clue about this subject either.
    But being such unique individual,bitterness and all,I guess makes him also quite a rare piece…
    Bids anyone?

  • Jaime Weisenblum says:

    The only “sources” one should consider are the ones that identify themselves when posting comments,and have the utmost consideration and respect for other people’s opinions, without resorting to “Watergate” tactics.
    At least my life in the musical world speaks for itself,and I do not have to hide behind some blog wall and attack everyone that has a different opinion than mine, like a hurt skunk.
    Now you can go back to your cocoon Milka, lick your wounds and start planning who your next spraying victim will be.

    • milka says:

      Poor Mr . Weisenblum if he be the Toronto violin dealer, seems to have worked
      himself into a state of high dudgeon and resorts to name calling and whatever else
      that comes to his mind .That the original thought of his being a dealer in violins
      could color his views on the prices of such items as bows , violins would be met
      with such indignation does surprise.Brings to mind the play in which the observation
      is made that the lady doth protest too much.