The football player who gave it up to sing opera

Our bass pal, Morris Robinson.

When he talks about ‘NFL standards’, I’m hearing ‘Vienna Phil’…

morris robinson3

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  • This is an inspiring story, Norman. Add Ben Utecht to the list. He has been performing with orchestras recently as well. Looking back, I remember the ‘Kennedy Choir’ in John F. Kennedy High School in Plainview, NY, when choral director Ron Cohen (purported to be the real ‘Mr. Holland’ of ‘Mr. Holland’s Opus’) teamed up with the sports coaches to recruit half the football team to join the Kennedy Choir for the bass and tenor sections. They had rich, powerful voices. (I believe there is a YouTube channel of the choir’s glory days during the 1960s-70s.) Quite often, respected sportspeople have music in their soul and return to music post-career.

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