Sicklist: Currentzis leaves Zurich in a fluster

The flamoybant Russian-based conductor has called in sick, ‘with great regret’, on a new production of Mozart’s Die Entführung aus dem Serail.

His last-minute replacement is Maxim Emelyanychev, 27, leader of Il Pomo d’Oro ensemble.

Teodor_Currentzis_main (1)

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    • Dear Wurtfangler… I do hate irritatingly pseudo-clever posting such as you made… do you have something actual or even factual to say, or are you just a gossip with lot of opinions you love to insinuate… ?

      • I would have thought my meaning was very clear and didn’t need spelling out. In my opinion, having observed Currentzis and knowing the feelings of many people who have had to work with him, Zurick will enjoy a more musical, more honest, more enjoyable and more enlightening Die Entführung in his absence.

    • Hmmm … but his ‘accompaniment’ to the ‘almost beatific’ Pat Kop in the Tchaikovsky Concerto has, in my opinion, never been bettered.

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