Watch, listen: Laura Bretan is going places

Of all the child ‘opera’ singers thrown up by America’s Got Talent, the Romanian-born teen showed in last night’s semi-final that she has all the high notes and possibly what it takes to make a lasting success.

She will, however, need lots more training and technique to keep the voice in shape.


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  • Why do you keep writing Laura was born In Romania? If you can’t get a basic fact like that right why should we believe the rest of your generally critical remarks?
    Then singing teachers keep piling it on, ignoring that she has an operatic coach who sings for the Chicago Orchestra, etc. etc.
    Laura is a rare vocal prodigy who has an exceptionally beautiful, powerful voice and is also very good at at projecting emotions. The damage her voice crowd are clueless and can’t reference scientific medical articles to back up their sales pitch. Like most things, it pays to start young if you want to become really good.
    Meanwhile, just enjoy her. I know I do.

    • You are spot on with you comments. I have been listening for Laura’s voice many times.
      The people who criticize her must some kind of research. Even Maria Callas said that that, the opera business is a big battle field.Singers are coming with different talent, with different voices. Some critics want to put all singers under one hat. They are very jealous for their future job.This is not their job to telling to Laura how to sing.She has born with a special talent simiral to Benjamino Gigli .He was very emotional in every act on the stage. Laura also emotional because she feels that person feeling who is acting in story.So these people better to look into themselves because they can correct themselves too for high degree.Anyway Laura has a very special voice and she will be great singer against any grudge, any machination !!!

      • I agree. Just look at Amira Willingham. Probably didn’t spell her name right but she started out very young & look at her now.

  • Callas, Lanza, Bjorling, Di Stefano, all started young and look what happened! some of our greatest throughout history!

    In todays fast moving world you have to start young or else its all over.

  • I’ve watched and watched Laura singing in various settings and although I DO believe I heard her slightly ‘stray’ on ONE occasion the remainder of her performances WERE a joy to watch.
    It seems that there was NO criticism of Jackie Evancho when SHE began her career at an even younger age and I can’t say exactly WHAT if ANY voice training she had, and of course I am not an expert of music like some of her critics are or at least claim to be, I can ONLY say that I at least liked what I saw, although of course I would NOT want her to damage her vocal chords.
    Pie Jesu WAS a quite mesmerizing performance and I for one wish her well in her singing career

  • Perhaps this is not the place for conventional wisdom, but in many aspects of life the commonplace observation, “use it or lose it,” seems to apply. It is true in physical fitness, and many of the critics are talking about just that, the “danger” of physical injury. Laura is a musical athlete, and most singers do vocal exercises and vocalize in warming up. Laura is developing and seems to be getting better with every performance.As her voice matures, and it is very good right now, it will come easier.

    I am convinced the best singers begin early and practice rigorously and continuously. I know from personal experience that if one can sing a little and doesn’t they will lose it. With rehearsal and effort it can recover to some degree. Younger persons are even more resilient.

  • I have three favorite female singers at this point. Laura Bretan, Daniella Mass, and Gerphile Flores. They are all very good at what they do.

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