Israeli cellist, 18, wins Canada prize

Daniel Hass, 18, has been awarded the C$25,000 Michael Measures Prize, an annual award for rising talenthanded out by the Canada Council for the Arts and the National Youth Orchestra of Canada.

Daniel migrated with his family to Toronto six years ago. He has been studying with Joel Krosnick at Juilliard for the past year.



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  • First congratulations to Mr. Haas, but I wonder when somebody stops being Israeli and becomes a Canadian. With a simple calculations you realize Mr. Haas has been in Canada since he was ten. I would think that the nurturing of his talent has more to do with Canada than Israel.

    • And if he was called a Canadian, an anti-Semite on the other side would write saying that he’s not really Canadian. You people will always try and trap the Jew/Israeli no matter what the circumstances.

  • Stravinsky lived in Russia for a relatively small part of his life, becoming, in turn a French and then a US citizen, but he’s still considered a “Russian” composer.

  • Is he not 18 years old? My son has followed him for years. He is quite a pianist as well! Many congrats!!

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