Air outrage: Look what they did to my double-bass!

Air outrage: Look what they did to my double-bass!


norman lebrecht

August 12, 2016

Young players of the Helsinki Strings flew to the Faroe Islands this week to work with local musicians.

They changed flights at Copenhagen.

This is what one of them found on arrival.


smashed helsinki bass

The airline was Finnair. We are waiting to hear from them.

h/t: Sasha Mäkilä


  • Step Parikian says:

    What case was the bass in?

  • mario lutz says:

    FINNAIR = FIN* Not Any Instrument Runing

  • T.T. says:

    Flight without a hard case? What they imagined???

  • Peter says:

    When will people ever learn that airline staff has nothing to do with loading and unloading of planes. That’s always done by ‘ground handler’ companies that are operating at a certain airport. Airlines do not have much choice which ground handlers they can utilize.
    The rightful blame and bile has to be directed to the right parties, otherwise it’s just silly.

    • William Safford says:

      That is valid, except insofar as the airlines are in business relationships with the ground companies. When a ground company does things that reflects poorly on the airline — such as smashing musical instruments, or losing luggage — then it behooves the airline to demand that the ground company step up its game.

      Airlines certainly are on the receiving end of plenty of deserved negative publicity.