Just in: London police return stolen Gofriller

Just in: London police return stolen Gofriller


norman lebrecht

July 28, 2016

We have just heard from the violinist Madeleine Mitchell:

So relieved to say I just heard from Krysia (Osostowicz) she has her violin and bows back (the theft having been on her way home after our R3 broadcast pictured above).

How did that happen, Madeleine?

Cash Converters in Streatham! Woman arrested, violin safe!

The violin was stolen outside Brixton tube station yesterday evening while Krysia Osostowicz was unlocking her bike. We are so pleased for her that the agony is over in less than 18 hours.

Thanks to all who helped by spreading the word.



UPDATE: Seller wanted £50 for £200,000 Gofriller


  • Robert King says:

    That’s the positive power of social media in getting the message around so widely, and so fast – even BBC Radio 3 announced the theft yesterday afternoon. Add in a quick-eyed staff member at Cash Converters, and doubtless the rapid reaction of the ‘Met’ to apprehend the thief: then add all the enormously supportive classical musicians who were with Krysia in her hour of need, and there’s a very happy ending (except, presumably, for the thief).

    On which, any suggestions from SD readers for pieces of music to which the thief could be made to listen as a ‘punishment-in-kind’?!?

  • David Osborne says:

    Karl Jenkins!

  • Edmund Coxon says:

    That’s a wonderful piece of news. I’m delighted to read this result so quickly after it was snatched away.

  • Andy Salmon says:

    Surely just about any piece of music written before the thief’s teenage years would do?

  • Olive Simpson says:

    Allegri Miserere on repeat – particularly if she doesn’t like high notes. Once had to do that for the entrance of bride…who was very late!