London is spoilt for choice

Tonight’s menu:

1 New Tristan and Isolde opens at ENO

2 Nabucco with Domingo at Covent Garden

3 Trifonov at the Wigmore Hall

trifonov wrist2

4 Lisa Batiashvili with the LSO at the Barbican

5 Gil Shaham with the Philharmonia at the RFH.

Just another Thursday night.

Anyone staying home?



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  • In Vienna we have tonight Christian Thielemann (!!!) and Anna Netrebko performing Richard Strauss “Vier letzte Lieder” – I’m sure Norman takes the next plane to Vienna …

  • The operas will be performed several times, so then we’re basically down to two technically gifted but musically mediocre violinists and the Russian Lang Lang with perhaps the only really bad work Rachmaninov wrote. Let me see…I’ll start my warm up for the Euros tomorrow with a few pints!

    • We disagree: Shaham is considerably better than mediocre, Batiashvili is truly outstanding, Trifonov is so hugely talented that he is capable of making even a minor work sound really interesting.

      • Let Sean enjoy his tone deafness. Once inducted into the cult of Trifonov, one unfortunately begins to hear how bland so many other pianists are.

  • Just a few weeks ago Norman was complaining that there was nothing on in London. I then pointed out a feast of events on offer and told him to get out more. It’s good to see that he has taken my advice. London still leads the world musically.

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