Gergiev gets plastered

Gergiev gets plastered


norman lebrecht

June 26, 2016

He has been given a plaster-cast bust by the Russian minister of culture.

gergiev plaster

Apparently they can’t afford bronze.


  • Tom says:

    LOL! Extra points for the headline and last sentence.

  • Tim Walton says:

    I’m disappointed. I thought you were going to say it was a death mask.

  • Maria Lock says:

    The minister of culture is also making a futile attempt to relocate the grave of Sergei Rachmaninoff. This is no surprise as he is a tool of Putler.

    • Tim Walton says:

      Glad to see that you, at least, are spelling Rachmaninoff’s name correctly. Unlike certain other people on who have no respect for the Great composer’s wishes.

  • MissPrinteditions says:

    Fitting in so many ways …

  • Respect says:

    Ok, all the other headlines are forgiven. Brilliant.

  • Sue says:

    What did they do about the ‘five o’clock shadow’?

  • Sue says:

    It seems our Gergiev wants to get a-head.

  • hadrianus says:

    Plaster is easier to destroy once his reign will be over.