Australian conductor: Classical music is sexist

Australian conductor: Classical music is sexist


norman lebrecht

June 14, 2016

And then some.

Interview with Nicolette Fraillon, music director of Australian Ballet.

‘I’ve had managers of orchestras say to me, “We love your work, but we can’t employ you because you’re a woman,” as though that was an explanation in itself.’

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  • OhGlorioso says:

    Ah, the outback.

    • Sue says:

      If you read carefully what she said you’ll notice the last sentence, “there’s still a gender imbalance around the world”. She wasn’t talking about car racing either.

      As for the “outback”. Our nation is a seaboard one, with beautiful surf, boating culture and Sydney Opera House!!

  • Max Grimm says:

    “Nicolette Fraillon, music director and chief conductor of the Australian Ballet..the world’s only female music director of a ballet company…”

    Quite a grand claim, considering:
    – Tara Simoncic, Music Director of Ballet West
    – Ramona Pansegrau, Music Director of the Kansas City Ballet
    – Beatrice Jona Affron, Music Director of the Pennsylvania Ballet
    – Pamela Martin, Music Director of the Santa Cruz Ballet Theater

    Not to forget Andrea Quinn, former Music Director of the Royal Ballet and the New York City Ballet.

    • Branimir says:

      Another Australia’s own daughter (with Croatian and Irish ancestors) should not be forgotten here – Simone Young.
      Chief conductor of Opera Australia, Hamburg State Opera GMD, Opernwelt’s Dirigentin des Jahers (Conductor of the Year) 2006.
      Also, the first Maestra in the pit of the Vienna State Opera (1993).

  • Bennie says:

    On my God, will humanity stand a chance to survive within the next five years?????

  • Respect says:

    I’m sorry, but if you don’t name names (and why not? You’re claiming they blackballed you anyway), it is doubtful. It’s easy to look for external reasons why a career slips, slows or stops. But it happens to men as well.