Wake up, darling, there’s a string orchestra on the stairs

All the tabloids are reporting that the musician Kanye West awoke his wife, Kim Kardashian, on Mothers Day with a string ensemble playing on the staircase.

You wonder if the husband was aware of the origin of this custom, when Richard Wagner expiated his marital guilt towards Cosima with the Siegfried Idyll on her birthday?

cosima richard wagner

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  • I believe I am right in saying that Kanye West is in fact married to Kim Kardashian and not Beyoncé. At the end of the day though, who cares? This kind of news shouldnt be found on Slippedisc!

  • Yeah, have you heard the new kim kardashian album, lemonade?

    I guess all those black rappers look the same, huh?

  • There is an add-on available on Google Chrome which blocks all (non-)news carrying the name Kardashian. It really works. Which makes me feel shocked to encounter that name here on Slippedisc. Oy!

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