Berlin Phil concertmaster gets an agent

IMG have signed the remarkable violinist Daishin Kashimoto in a bid to develop his solo career.

Daishin was appointed first concertmaster of the Berliner Philharmoniker in 2009 and has appeared as a soloist with the orchestra under the batons of Sir Simon Rattle and Andris Nelsons.

Daishin Kashimoto


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  • I’m surprised he didn’t have one already. I do hope he sticks with the BPO, though; nice base from which to work.

  • I have to say, the most surprising thing about listening to the Berlin players playing chamber music is that…they don’t sound that good when stripped of the sonic support of their full orchestra.

    They are definitely one level below the top soloists and chamber groups on the touring circuit. (And let’s face it, even among the top soloists and chamber groups, there is a noticeable difference in quality among even the top 5 in any instrument or group.)

    Playing in an orchestra can really hide individual flaws, so much so that one might even think that each player carries the Berlin sound, when in fact, the Berlin sound really is only a collective effect, not an individual sound.

    • Having heard chamber groups from the Berlin Philharmonic in live performance, I haven’t the faintest idea what you are talking about.

  • Playing in recitals with concertmasters from several famous orchestras, (BPH among them) I fully understand. Being out there alone scares the hell out of many of them. Different roles, different expectations.

  • It’s not so much a question of flaws as of various kinds of musicianship.
    I have played several recitals with concertmasters from famous orchestras (the BPH among them) -and when taking on another role some of them are never really at home. We are all made for different purposes. One of them whispered to me after two small pieces: “I have to leave the stage”. Next week he was playing the violin solo in Scheherazade brilliantly in front of thousands.

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