Opera offers free seats to live-tweeters

San Franciso Opera wants word to get out about its upcoming Carmen.

So it’s handing out free seats to inveterate tweeters for the dress rehearsal.

We want your authentic opinions and thoughts, and perhaps even a scene-by-scene recap of the onstage action. In other words, we’ll give you an opera ticket in exchange for your stellar social media skills!

Apply here if you’re feeling stellar.

Apparently it worked rather well last year with Marriage of Figaro.

What do we think of this initiative (in less than 140 characters)?



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  • What do I think? It’s terrible.

    (I gift my remaining 125 characters to anyone who will use them)

  • Controversial or not, pushy of not: clever free marketing exploiting new potential markets. Love it or hate it, it’s a win-win for them: people who don’ t like it are usually apathic and those use social media will gobble it up.

    228, thanks for the characters, Patrick!

  • Great initiative! Misery shared is misery halved and tweeting about a Bieito production while suffering through one might give succour to some.

    (143 characters; there now remain 34 communal characters from Patrick’s original donation)

  • the invasion of the iPhone zombies continues…
    I try so hard to like something, anything American.
    I try and try and try…

  • they should offer free tickets to those who leave their annoying gadgets at home,
    but then maybe no-one would go…

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