Romania’s leading dancer puts a ban on Bucharest Ballet

Romania’s leading dancer puts a ban on Bucharest Ballet


norman lebrecht

April 06, 2016

The international ballerina Alina Cojocaru tweets:

I will be be performing ONLY under the management that made this ballet happen for our audience to enjoy, with as our leader!!

Johan Kobborg was sacked yesterday as artistic director by an interim general manager.

The company is in uproar.

Alina Cojocaru and Kobborg have been partners since 2005.



  • with respect to the true says:

    To summarize: Mr. Tiberiu Soare, who brings order and legality in the Romanian Opera is dismissed, and who violated the law, and Organization’s legal decision, HG 1089 ( Rules of ONB Institution), not to mention Art. 33 (3 ) and 16 (3) of the Romanian Constitution ( only Romanian citizens have the right to occupy leading positions in a State Institution), Mr Johan K, is “promoted” – probably notwithstanding – for a position where he will work illegally, a position that was denied to any Romanian, whenever requested along time through memories submitted to the resort ministry.
    Scandal press also drew headlines exaggerating and misleading the public. And all was degenerated and was presented as a fact of great dishonesty brought to Mr. Kobborg.
    The humiliation and removals by Mr Kobborg of creations and performances of great value, of instrumentalists of the Orchestra, of Romanian ballet masters, of Senior soloists, the difference of wages between Romanian ballet dancers and foreigner ones are also cruel, intolerable facts that scandal press don’t want to reveal. To this site: before to write bullshit, please inform yourself properly.