Just in: Bucharest erases ballet chief

Just in: Bucharest erases ballet chief


norman lebrecht

April 05, 2016

The great Danish dancer and choreographer Johan Kobborg awoke today to find his name removed from the website of Bucharest National Opera and Ballet as if he never existed.

His dismissal comes within 24 hours of the appointment of an interim general director, an appointment published so far only in Slipped Disc.

Johan writes: ‘It is with heavy heart I find my name removed as artistic director of the ONB company. I have nothing but love for the company. I will dream one day of returning and finishing what we started. I am sorry dancers that I didn’t get a chance to tell you personally. You all beautiful (sic).’

There’s only one boss now in Bucharest. Just like the old days.

johan kobborg

UPDATE: Ballerina threatens boycott.


  • Anton Manutiu says:

    A very great mistake!

  • Ms J Lang says:

    What a shame he has done so much for the company, is there a reason ?