Rio opera: crisis worsens

Rio opera: crisis worsens


norman lebrecht

March 31, 2016

We reported two days ago that the new season has been slashed because the Governement has cuts its grant.

Now we hear from moles inside the house that the company which provides security has not been paid for seven months and the cleaning contractor for six. If either of them stops sending staff, the house shuts.

The chorus are, apparently, just a month behind on their wages.

And the Government could fall at any minute.

Remember the BRIC boom, anyone?


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  • Peter says:

    Brazil is only a symptom of an ever-widening and ever worrying global crisis. The Brazilian crisis, apart from being financial, is also one of corruption and graft. The number of casualties in the world of nations only grows by the day. The Rio Opera is just typical of so many subsidised institutions in Brazil, and elsewhere in the world, that are feeling the demise and support of their governments. Europe is really not much better and in many aspects even more terrifying.

    These are very worrying times and anyone who says otherwise, is either a naive optimist or a person oblivious and unaware of geopolitical and financial developments. Culture will, sadly, be among the first areas to be affected, as it is not deemed essential by governments and provokes the least outcry when its institutions are cut or shut down completely.

  • Edgar Brenninkmeyer says:

    Gotterdaemmerung in Brazil.