Just in: Mr Ripper slashes Rio opera season

The president of Rio’s opera house has been forced to make deep cuts due to the economic crisis. Here’s his statement:

Important information:

Due to the grave economic situation of the State of Rio de Janeiro, the Teatro Municipal of Rio de Janeiro was obliged to make alterations in its season of opera, ballet, and concerts.

The opera “Don Quixote”, by Massenet, in April, will performed, as will the concerts including the “Requiem” by Verdi (30 April), and Hommage to Radamés Gnattali (May 7).

The opera “La Bohème”, by Puccini, in May, will be presented in concert form. “Orfeo e Eurídice”, by Gluck, in July, will be retained without alterations, but the opera “Barber of Seville”, by Rossini, planned for September, will be cancelled.

The program Ópera+Ballet, which includes “Mozart & Salieri” and “Sheherazade”, by Rimsky-Korsakov, in September/October, will be done, along with the operas “Lo Schiavo”, by Carlos Gomes”, and “Jenufa”, by Leos Janacek, in October and November. The chamber operas, which already were to be presented in concert form, will be retained. The ballet “La Sylphide”, in June, will be replaced by another title, TBA.

To be retained is the ballet “Trilogia Amazônica”, with music by Villa-Lobos and new choreographies commissioned especially for the spectacle, to be presented during the Olympics. Along with the ballet “Sheherazade”, mentioned above, we will have the traditional “Nutcracker”, with choreography by Dalal Ashcar on music by Tchaikovsky, in December. … Our goal is to keep the Theatro Municipal functioning, and its programming as close as possible to what was announced last year, in spite of the immense financial difficulties that we are facing.

We continue to seek new funds with private initiative and donors, through federal and state laws supporting culture. And we always count on the support and presence of our beloved public. Obrigado. João Guilherme Ripper Presidente Fundação Teatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro

Mr Ripper is, inter alia, a distinguished composer.

rio teatro-municipal

Informação importante: Devido à grave situação econômica do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, o Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro foi obrigado a fazer alterações em sua temporada de ópera, balés e concertos. A ópera “Don Quixote”, de Massenet, em abril, será realizada, assim como os concertos que trazem o “Requiem”, de Verdi (30 de abril), e Homenagem a Radamés Gnattali (7 de maio). A ópera “La Bohème”, de Puccini, em maio, será apresentada em forma de concerto. “Orfeu e Eurídice”, de Gluck, em julho, está mantida sem alterações, mas a ópera “Barbeiro de Sevilha”, de Rossini, prevista para setembro, será cancelada. O programa Ópera+Ballet, que traz “Mozart & Salieri” e “Sheherazade”, de Rimsky-Korsakov, em setembro/outubro, será realizado, assim como as óperas “Lo Schiavo”, de Carlos Gomes”, e “Jenufa”, de Leo Janacek, em outubro e novembro. As óperas de câmara, que já seriam apresentadas em forma de concerto, estão mantidas. O ballet “La Sylphide”, em junho, será substituído por outro título que será anunciado em breve. Está mantido o ballet “Trilogia Amazônica”, com música de Villa-Lobos e novas coreografias encomendadas especialmente para o espetáculo, a ser apresentado durante os Jogos Olímpicos. Além do ballet “Sheherazade”, mencionado acima, teremos o tradicional “Quebra-Nozes”, com coreografia de Dalal Ashcar sobre música de Tchaikovsky, em dezembro. Entraremos em contato com os assinantes para informar com será o ressarcimento dos títulos cancelados, deixando a opção de manter o ingresso para os títulos substituídos ou para óperas que passarão a ser apresentadas em forma de concerto. Nosso objetivo é manter o Theatro Municipal em funcionamento e sua programação o mais próximo possível do que foi anunciado no ano passado, a despeito das imensas dificuldades financeiras que estamos enfrentando. Continuamos a buscar novos recursos junto à iniciativa privada e doadores, através das leis federal e estadual de incentivo à cultura. E contamos sempre com o apoio e a presença do nosso querido público. Obrigado. João Guilherme Ripper Presidente Fundação Teatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro

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  • As you all can see, discussions about Brazilian music life have comments only when there’s someone specific to blame (Maestro John Neschling knows what I mean).

    Mr. Ripper is not only a very important composer, but proved great skills in administration, being artistic director at Sala Cecilia Meireles for many years and now reorganizing a very important and messy theatre in Brazil. The season still on is remarkable comparing to what he found and to the very serious problems we are facing in this country.

    What a poor work environment!

  • Teatro Municipal usually had no system of subscriptions to past opera/ballet seasons. It was a right decision to create such a system for 2016. If the season won’t be as rich as the city deserves, all titles could have been cancelled without this smart decision. Economic crisis in Rio de Janeiro is getting worse than ever, government has no cash to pay sallaries and the national political crisis isn’t solved yet. Mr. Ripper and our artistic director, Mr. André Cardoso, are very competent and we are lucky to have them to save the season, even without some titles.

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