Just in: Pianist is not a suspect in child murders

Police chief David Babcock of Benbrook, Texas, has just confirmed that Cliburn winner Vadym Kholodenko is not a suspect in the tragic deaths of his two daughters.

His estranged wife, Sofya, is being treated in hospital for multiple stab wounds and is facing a mental health evaluation.

Babcock also told the Associated Press that it was Vadym who found the bodies when he came round to visit the children.

sofia tsyganova

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      • Yes, Rosana, and your point is the one most in need of making. I googled this story, and on the instant there were news stories saying the whereabouts of Kholodenko were unknown. Today, that’s enough for most people. I don’t watch TV, but I think the matter must have been clarified before the grotesque Nancy Grace made her first appearance of the week on screen, for this is the cud she endlessly chews, yet she hasn’t pitched in yet. The Conservatives need her in Westminster. I think presumption of innocence may be the only fragment of 800 years of legal history and principles left, but Nancy’ll get rid of that for you in a heartbeat (the accused’s last, quite possibly). So, that bit of fiction came first, but then what do I read but that Kholodenko was to pick up his kids at about 9.20 a.m. and his call to 911 was made at about 9.27 a.m. Call me old-fashioned, possums, call me silly, but I think I know where the man was then, and this about 40 minutes after the crime was committed according to reports thus far. Reporting rumours, speculating on the basis of nigh on nothing, stripping people of their right to presumption of innocence and such are rife today. People of good will and good sense will seek first to protect the innocent.

      • Not sure if he is only a “victim”…as far as I’ve understood, he filed for a divorce first, and moved out of the house. Why? He also had a responsibility to look after his children, even if the marriage was difficult. The whole situation could have given Tsygankova a tremendous amount of stress, maybe even depression.
        But anyway, we have to wait for more official news…

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