Tragedy: US music student, 25, is found dead in Vienna

Tragedy: US music student, 25, is found dead in Vienna


norman lebrecht

January 28, 2016

Austrian police say they have found the body of Lauren Mann, from Paonia in Western Colorado, in an apartment on the Wiedner Hauptstrasse.

There were no external injuries but tests are being carried out to see if she was possibly poisoned. No other cause has been indicated.

Lauren, who studied at the College of Music at the University of Colorado-Boulder, went to Vienna to improve her German and was working as an au pair. Her employers reported her missing earlier this week.

Her family say: ‘We are heartbroken to tell you our daughter and sister Lauren Mann has been found dead in her apartment in Vienna, Austria. An investigation is in progress. It has been released in Austria to the media and is being sensationalized. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.’


lauren mann


  • Bruce says:

    How awful. Condolences to her family.

  • Holly Golightly says:

    Wiedner Hauptstrasse is a very nice area so she should have been safe there – in fact, Vienna is very safe. Well, it certainly was in 2011 when I lived there.

    I’m sorry for this young woman. When our children travel abroad it can be an experience which leaves many very vulnerable, no matter how sophisticated they think they may be.

    • jaypee says:

      Vienna is still very safe. I live in a so-called “immigrant” district and neither my wife nor I have ever had the slightest problem. Of course, it doesn’t mean that nothing ever happens either but I would say that compared to other European cities, not to mention American cities, Vienna is extremely safe.

      What happened to this young woman is extremely sad and I hope it won’t be polititicized by far-right extremists such as some who do appear once in while on slipped disc and I hope Mr. Lebrecht will prevent these people from spamming.

      • Holly Golightly says:

        I don’t think anybody was suggesting this young woman’s death was attributable to immigrants!!

        Which district is the ‘immigrant’ district? I was in the 2nd, 5th and 6th districts in my year there. The 5th district seemed to have many immigrants from muslim countries. What I did notice about Vienna when I returned last year for a few weeks was people were sleeping rough in Karlsplatz – something I never saw in 2011.

        Have you been going to the Musikverein etc? I went to about 40 concerts all up during my stay there and totally loved it. Harnoncourt has retired!!!

        • jaypee says:

          Not yet… In the (British) Daily News, it has already started though…

          I live in the 16th district (Ottakring) which has a large number of immigrants from Turkey and the Balkan. The 10th, the 15th and the 20th also have a large immigrant population. As for going to the Musikverein, yes, I go there quite regularly (plus the Konzerthaus, the Theater an der Wien and the Porgy & Bess). In my 23 years in Vienna (and counting…), I rarely missed a concert with Harnoncourt and even went to Graz every summer for some more! I haven’t recovered yet from the announcement of his retirement…

          • Holly Golightly says:

            I went to Porgy and Bess too but was put off by the smoking!! Shame about all that in Europe.

            Well, 23 years you’ve been there. How wonderful for you. It’s the most liveable place too. Those districts you mention are outside the Gurtel (Es tut mir leid; kein umlaut!). I also went to Theater an der Wien, Konzerthaus und Wiener Staatsoper. Unforgettable.

  • anon1989 says:

    Lauren was one of the most fascinating and kind people I’ve had the privilege of knowing. So full of fresh and fascinating ideas about the world and art. A terrible loss.