Rupert Murdoch to marry musician’s ex

Loneliness in old age is a terrible thing.

Our hearts are moved by the announcement that Mr Rupert Murdoch is to marry Ms Jerry Hall, former long-term companion to Sir Michael Jagger of the Rolling Stones, with whom she had four children.

Mr Murdoch is 84, Ms Hall 59.

Social workers need not call.


ari l goldman

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  • I always think of Ricky Gervais and that funny skit he did at the 2011 Golden Globes when Hugh Heffner was engaged to be married to a 24y/o woman. It was absolutely hilarious.

    I always think when these old men do this it means there are not a lot of other people – friends etc. – in their lives. And that pie throwing episode was obviously a deal-breaker for Wendy Deng!!! 🙂

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