Orch to play all 28 EU states

The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra has announced plans to play in every European Union member state in the course of two and a half years, starting in Ireland in August. New principal conductor Daniele Gatti will be in charge.

The tour patron is EU president Jean-Claude Juncker, something of a stranger to the concert hall.


Let’s hope there will still be 28 by 2019. And that the orch won’t be delayed too long at post-Shengen border controls.

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  • Norman, from the very top of the article you linked to:
    “Met deze tweeënhalf jaar durende tournee…” which translates to “(With) this two and a half year tour…”. What lead you to believe it to be a one year tour?

  • It would be even better if the program would contain both a piece by a Dutch composer and one by a composer from a host country.

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